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Today's technology brings number of furniture with various materials other than wood and replaces the old furniture. Even thought there are many changes in furniture industry the value of wooden furniture and its heritage has not been changed. Only the designs and styles are being changed to suit the latest life-style. People always loves to have outdoor and indoor furniture made of nice wood. This trend attracts the manufacturers like us and updates the requirement and needs of the present and future generation. There are significant benefits of wooden furniture on our products.

  • Nature Look
  • Resilient and Strong
  • Easy to keep
  • Weather Resistant
  • Outstanding Decor
  • Flexible
  • Eco Friendly
  • Worthy Investment

Our Schemes

We are planning to bring some purchase schemes for our customers to get more benefits on their purchase cost and the scheme will be followed in chain system. Ammai Appan Enterprises analyzing and working on such schemes.

Once the schemes and working systems are ready, the same will be implemented only for the customers who are purchasing directly from our manufacturing units.

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